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Easy phone call, come parlare al telefono

Di seguito un esempio di telefonata in lingua inglese con espressioni tipiche come, rispondere, presentarsi, chiedere di qualcuno o qualcosa.

Examples of English telephone expressions (esempi di espressioni telefoniche inglesi)


  • Hello, Sarah Smith/208538
  • Hello, Smith & Sons

Asking for a person

  • Could I speak to Sarah Smith?

Saying who you are

  • Hello, this is John.
  • “Could I speak to Sarah Smith?” “Speaking.”

Asking who somebody is

  • Who is that? Who am I speaking to?/ Wo is that speaking?
  • May I ask who’s calling please?

Asking for a number

  • Could I have extension 625?
  • What’s the (dialling/area) code for London?

If somebody is not there

  • I’m afraid, she’s not in at the moment
  • Can I take a message? / Can I leave a message?
  • I’ll ring/call again later
  • Could you ask her to call/ring me back?

Asking people to wait

  • Just a moment / Hold the line / Hold on a moment / Hang on
  • Sorry to keep you waiting.


  • I think you’ve got the wrong number.
  • Could you speak up? It’s a bad line. / I’ll hang up and call again.
  • I rang you earlier but I couldn’t get through.
  • Could you spell it for me?
  • I didn’t catch the name.
  • “How could I reach her?” ” You can contact her on her mobile phone.”
  • I’ve dialed the wrong number.

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